We are all connected to the land – through the food and crops we grow, the resources we dig for, the places we call home, and the travels we take.

Whether we’re in town, on an acreage, or on the family farm, we care for the land, and especially for our own patch of it. We use our backs and our machines to till it, test it, nourish it and protect it. And, when our family’s harvest comes – whether it’s carrots, canola or cattle, or chives or chickens – we see the results of our caring and our connection.

Being connected to the land means we’re all farmers at heart. We want the freshest, healthiest food, and a lot of us will grow it ourselves, as naturally as possible. We want our children to see where food comes from, and appreciate the work that goes into its growth. We want the best-looking (and easiest to care for!) garden of flowers and shrubs. We know we have to preserve the land to ensure it will sustain us.

Since 1975, Peavey Mart stores have been connecting to communities across Western Canada. We’re happy to know some customers consider a Peavey Mart one of their favourite places to gather, to share a story or a tip, to connect with each other and with us.

Being connected to the land means being down to earth, and approachable. It’s been a pleasure to serve our neighbours and customers for more than 40 years. We hope this magazine is another way of strengthening that connection with you.

– Doug Anderson, President, Peavey Industries

Latest Issue!

The premiere issue of Connected To The Land is now available at Peavey Mart locations across Western Canada. It can also be viewed from the link / image below (requires Adobe Reader).


Connected To The Land is a magazine that is published twice a year.  It is produced in partnership between TNC Publishing and Peavey Industries, and is distributed across Western Canada through Peavey Mart stores.


For more information, we can be contacted at editor (at) tncpublishing (dot) com.

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